Keepin' the Groove Alive!

OH YEAH! Experience the Original Groove Kings Music CD ~Keepin' the Groove Alive~ released in June 2019! The 11 original tunes were restored & sent back home to Texas March 1, and since then we've taken care of business~ not an easy task with Gary Pavlica in Los Angeles and San Davis in the middle of planting season, but when the rains came, it was time to move the groove & share the sounds. Gary put his faith in his fellow Groove King with three words..."Finish it, San", and so he did.

~ Keepin' the Groove Alive has been burned & packaged at Atomic Disk with the support & expertise of Steve and Kayla Rosas of DRS Studio in Waco. What great friends and fans!

~Benevolent thanks to Ric Cabot Podmore of Colorado Sound for loving this project as much as we do. He dug deep into the Groove King's dungeon of treasure and found gold!

~ "Z", the documentary film is in its final editing stages at Shawtime Productions!

~BUY or Download "Keepin' the Groove Alive!" below or go to CD